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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 12, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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went missing last thursday, >>yes on this wednesday, i'm the same day that a doctor who darya folsom and i'm james was trying to warn others fletcher we haven't met the about the virus. he was the midway point is see how every first one to come forward. died of the virus by the way day every day life path to friends and family of in trying to raise awareness friday, let's hope it's a about his disappearance a lot smooth one we'll start with of posts of him have been today though and see how s are white from the internet by the east family settled for looking good, you know we have a lot of road work overnight and maintenance been noticing million after their son that that's wrapping up some drowned in a high school are off to a great start we'll swimming pool, 15 year-old check in on our bridges all benjamin curry drowned during right, we're nice weather on the way to absolutely for a fizz and class at san ramon valley high school in march of keeping it going today guys 2018. the case was supposed to for the spring and valentine's go to trial next week. the day coming over i was like victim's attorney says the selling with the school district will spare the which honestly we could get parents, the pain of having to some spring bloom out there the way temperatures have been relive their son's tragic death. and that's when the the past couple of days with an 80 degree day time high in full. >>as as i've told everybody i santa rosa yesterday and 70's mean they're relieved the for the rest of the bay area. litigation is over but the pain of this loss is never going to go away and there's >>kind of crazy to be talking nothing that's going to make about this this time of tying it go away. some records across the bay >>the settlement does not area for heat yesterday as far include any changes for how as the golden gate bridge goes school swimming classes are there is no fog out there it's taught. but the attorney believes that the policies
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smooth sailing for all of us will be reevaluated in light on into work this morning robin i'll tell you about the of this. the san ramon valley traffic element but hey unified school district has whether it's cooperating this not commented on the morning for your drive in. settlement. >>the man accused of >>it is chilly though with murdering. wilson made a clear skies overnight and bizarre statement on the stand temperatures falling into the 50's this is a lot cooler than he claims that wilson and her sister are aliens. john cal is what was such a mild morning the person on trial there's yesterday you remember us talking about oakland berkeley his picture he says he heard and san francisco in the 60's. voices when he attacked the so even though we're in the sisters at the macarthur bart station in oakland 2 years 40's and 50's and that's not ago, he testified that they all that cold it is a noticeable cool down from were aliens who kidnapped his grandmother and we're going to hurt her. khalil pleaded not yesterday nevado petaluma and san anselmo as well as guilty by reason of insanity fairfield each dropping down he suffers from schizophrenia and was released from a mental into the 30's and for fairfield this is a big drop in temperatures down 24 hospital not long before the stabbing. he is if he's found degrees from where you are at guilty he could be sentenced on the same time tuesday to life in prison. morning half moon bay also showing a big difference down >>in national headlines 25 degrees later on today you senator bernie sanders claims can expect your daytime highs victory in new hampshire next to be comparable with right the vermont, senator vows to carry his campaign to yesterday's but nothing close victory in november with mary to records and a little closer moloney now with a closer look to seasonal average is still at the results. >>in new hampshire is bernie running warm though with 60's all across the bay area. a sanders night and cnn projecting the vermont senator nice comfortable and most notably a calm afternoon will come away with a victory in the new hampshire primary
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ahead. robert pretty calm on giving his candidacy another 80 as well into san francisco big boost following his strong for those of you who need to performance in iowa last week use the bay bridge. >>it's a good time to just get this victory here. on out there right now because >>is the beginning of the end it's kind of hot spot free a but donald trump. nice smooth transition here from the oakland maze across >>trailing sanders and what the upper deck into downtown was a tight race, former south san francisco. here's a peek bend mayor pete buttigieg also at some numbers and some freeways we have nothing but had a strong performance in green on our screen which means are on time for west 4th iowa and now will continue to try to expand his base here to in contra costa county, the stay. nimitz in fantastic shape and >>that goes by the motto live even traveling from the south free or die you made up your bay to the peninsula. you're own minds. doing fine on north one on one >>senator amy klobuchar are 26 minutes from san jose to putting together an impressive night in new hampshire, hoping menlo park darya james thanks a lot rob and 5 o 2 and to keep it all going for the long haul the people of new today's school officials meet with parents and teachers to talk about the possibility of hampshire because of you we layoffs in the east the west are taking this campaign to nevada. contra costa county unified school district is facing. >>budget cuts it seems a face >>as for former vice president this. joe biden he's already moving >>every budget cycle. kron 4 sarah stinson live in hercules on. taking a tuesday night this morning with the latest sara. flight to south carolina where he hopes support among african american voters will give him >>yeah that's right. i'm live here and hannah ranch a boost to drop. elementary school just one school in the district and >>we're here for nevada and south carolina and super
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tuesday states and senator they have about million worth of budget cuts looming over elizabeth warren delivering a last minute pitch to undecided tonight's meeting they've been voters aiming to steal back discussing this for a while some of the support that's now and we attended a meeting s to go and new ls were to last week where we talk with teachers who are obviously very concerned about this hearing that teachers could be hampshire was the end of the road for at least one major laid off and its budget cuts are going to affect the candidate, andrew yang schools here in this and the announcing he is suspending his campaign you know i am the math guy. 3rd grade teacher is also the >>and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we're not president of the united teachers of richmond union and going to win this race in manchester new hampshire, i'm the they're just saying that mary moloney. this is just scary to hear that potentially there could be 250 teachers laid off in >>that i'm still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a order to make the deficit now man cleaning his car in his driveway is ambushed from behind. we have the very at tonight to meeting its latest on this armed robbery investigation. plus an fbi going to be really big insurance can be a lot of people coming out of this the agent shoots a man in san francisco, the victim in the west contra costa county hospital right now we're going unified school district says to hear from his mother. and that they have a solution for new problems for san francisco's millennium tower the 2021 school year and that after crews find more damage includes million in non salary to the building will explain. and a look outside this cuts a $2 million reduction in morning does show temperatures an represented central that are significantly cooler management personal cost in a than where they were yesterday
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million decrease in d refunds we're talking 40's 50's and even a few 30's on the ballot. given to schools and >>your forecast is ahead. negotiating $22 million reduction so they're talking a >>and i like life itself are lot of different things are here on 80 into san francisco, trying to do just to make up no delays for this deficit and we talked with the one of with the superintendent who told us that management cuts will be discussed at this meeting tonight. but details for the preliminary negotiations with the unions will not be discussed with the media brzezinski: take a look at this. parents are worried on what the possible cuts will do to their children's classrooms, so just a lot of nervousness going on we did talk with some teachers and the district's let's take a listen. >>they blame the district 4 lack of accountability and tom steyer... management of the fines on a berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. local level of the school scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. district is taking responsibility for a floor, o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. it's it's short commute. we have had some turnover in our mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. business department and that's wallace: polling at double digits. led to a land that has led to king: up eleven points from october. some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a that is dramatic. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government.
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school district they have to that's what's going on in washington, dc. start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be there next year. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is >>and a lot of blame going on who do you think is going to change that? you know some people blame the i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. state for less funding other pe not managing those funds but the district says that they are definitely working their way out of this financial hole and that they are taking responsibility for this that meeting is tonight at 6.30 so it's going to probably be a packed house full of people just wanting answers hopefully they can come up with some kind of resolution that doesn't result in massive layoffs but that's what's on the line right now for now i'm live in hercules sarah stinson kron 4 thank you sarah. >>5 oh 5 and now another big story the latest on the corona virus, a palo alto woman and her teenage daughter have just been released from quarantine yeah they were among the first group of americans that were evacuated from china that 14 day quarantine ended for about a 195 people. >>at the march air reserve
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base in riverside county. this is video of that group boarding buses to get to nearby airports, many of those evacuees, our state department workers. they evacuated from wuhan china on in the group tes positive for coronavirus that's the good news. we've heard from palo alto woman about her experience under quarantine take a listen to what she had to say. >>the quite comfortable asked asked company has be part of the government has been very accommodating. and very nice but to occur and his current team, so we try i didn't do much socialize are just really really follow all the protocols the rest of time pretty much in a room that was 2 babies want to the hospital had a few that he was that was not corona virus case so he checking out the weather and expecting have more of the was making last few back it same more of the same behind yes i think we're all okay will be no one ever had it passed custom is that was with that chilly start complaining that we have to positive and was knighted get enough rain and come so you're so no one was
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much doesn't take long for us >>and after being released the talk about that just a little evacuees as are their masks in to be the guy that's like we do. celebration as you can see sort of like a high school >>cited we the weather has graduation >>also happening now there is a local and international been really nice. yeah so you shortage of masks like you always hear you better enjoy just saw in that picture surgical equipment. the things that are needed to treat it for sure it because who chronic virus. amid the knows when that march miracles going to kick in now we get shortage of the n 95 masks a weeks of rain we do need it bay area nonprofit med share is pulling together its looking outside at berkeley partners to send critical skies, crystal clear no fog. supplies to china made share no cloud cover certainly no is a humanitarian aid rainfall we've been dry organization that helps gather in sen supplies for local through february so far and national and global disasters that does not look to be there gathering as many masks changing. any time ahead of us now skies will remain clear as and isolation gowns as possible to send to china take throughout the day today very little cloud cover as high a listen. those the world health organization declared pressure that same ridge of the corona virus. a global health emergency 2 weeks ago. high pressure still sits in place to our west if anything it is only continued to >>ensures every ship 2.6 strengthen after that cold front that brought us. the million mask and over 80,000 isolation gowns to china, the windy conditions to start the n 95 mask so we've run out and week has now left the region high-pressure just now builds so that's part of what we're back and keeping things nice asking our partners and we're reaching out to other people and calm and keeping things it's safe to have a 95 mask. nice and warm to we're just don't have a way to get them going to keep sunshine around into china but on to the partners on the ground during the dry weather is not going the health care work. they can anywhere anytime soon. his
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donate into the us. great news for valentine's day. i'd say get out their >>measures also sending some plan of anything indoor of its supplies to local outside for valentine's health clinics in need as well. because weather is certainly >>the corona virus has killed not going to be interrupting more than 1100 people and your plans 60's for your highs infected 45,000 around the and san francisco as well as world, the majority of the our coastal areas granada and cases are in china. but in daly city each 63 while japan, there are a total of a burlingame in i 65 the you to 175 people infected on a notice daytime highs today, cruise ship there more than not quite as warm as they were 2000 are now stranded on that yesterday. still pretty much ship as it was turned away the same though and still well from 4 ports despite having above average san jose 68 actually know suspected cases sunnyvale los gatos also and then back na. 2 sharing those numbers with you as most of the south bay 67 in seminole today while dublin at citizen one 68 degrees as well as conquered while the creek san ramon all at 68 to oakland you'll be at 64 for a comfortable day time high 2 spots holding on to 70 fairfield in sonoma each up to that mark well santa rosa, good big cooler than yesterday you hit 80 degrees yesterday today close to 70 so that is a noticeable difference still
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warm and still warmer than average now tomorrow a little cooler than today. what are your cooler ones of the week but still in the 60's friday looking great with mid 60's for valentine's day. now saturday night into sunday. we're at the tail end of a cold front that's going to be swinging into the pacific northwest that means a couple sprinkles possible early sunday morning for the north bay. that's your best and only chance of rainfall aside from that it is dry. it is sunny and it is pretty warm for the time of year off to the richmond sandra fell where it's calm and quiet here on west bound 5.80 leading up to the toll plaza, it's going pretty good trip for now so it's a good time to get out there now. >>since you don't have to deal with any problems are trouble spots in turning the north bay. so a quick trip of 7 minutes off to one oh one for checking the bay bridge traffic and it's getting busy cash lanes fast track lanes philly and quickly spreading out just beyond 80 over crossing not through the maze not yet, but you got to get there just under 15 minutes for now off to fremont street, here's a look at some more numbers and they still look
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good. we have the e sure which is wide open heading west from crockett to oakland 24 5 80 and the nimitz all doing just fine making it to that 9.80 split in turning the maze will check more coming up in a bit daria. >>thanks a lot of 5.18 and there's more trouble for san francisco's, leaning tower the millennium tower after crews fix the broken window that broken those strong winds more damage was found kron four's morning. kelly has the latest. >>if you look closely you can see the faint line of the long slightly curved vertical crack in this bluish pane of glass located on the 6th floor of the millennium tower. it's on them to toma street side of the building the same side where a window on the 41th floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below. >>during sunday's high winds in the notice of violation filed at the luxury condo high rise the city's building inspector called out to the scene noted that the second cracked window on the lower
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floor could have been caused by falling debris accrue a suspended scaffolding could be seen covering the crack with a protective coating tuesday in an engineering crew was out taking a top a graphical survey at the base of the building. the building's management has until close of business tuesday to turn over an engineering report on the incident to the city up at the park on top of the transbay transit center a grounds keeper was still raking up huge shards of glass that fell as a result of that broken window. despite the fact the millennium tower is now infamous for the fact that it's tilting and leaving more than a foot a spokesperson for the building's homeowners association says this incident has no relationship to the high rises structural integrity. but is instead the result of the gale force winds that day coupled with the fact that the resident but that 41th floor condo left their window open in those conditions it was very very windy, i've never experienced so much winds here for this
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woman pushing her granddaughter in a stroller nearby noted how lucky it was no one was hurt. thank goodness. it was a weekend. >>early sunday, a not a not a weekday when they would have been hundreds of people on the street. a very scary. >>the building's management was given 7 days to finish the work of replacing the patched window on the 41th floor with new glass. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>current leaders are expanding the mamas for housing bill to include vacant homes and multi unit buildings the ordinance was em there they had squad in a vacant home in west oakland for months before being evicted and then arrested previously this measure only allow tenants to have right of first refusal when the homes that they are living in as renters are being sold the expanded bill is expected to be heard at a city council committee meeting next month. >>well the nonpartisan legislative analyst's office
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is questioning the governor's budget proposal to curb homelessness newsome wants to put million into a new fund that would flow to regional administrators selected by the state. well the analyst's office says that this approach would actually complicate the state's homelessness programs which have historically been run by local governments. state lawmakers plan to review newsom's plan in a public hearing tomorrow. by the way governor newsom is threatening to reject pg e's bankruptcy plan again utility wants to borrow billions of dollars and sell more stock to help pay 13 and a half billion dollars which is owed to wildfire victims. the governor's lawyers told a bankruptcy judge that they want to grill pg me about this plan. p also needs to raise money to cover a $12 billion bill to insurers and government agencies. >>it's 5.22 aunts. and for more news coming up another horse dies at the santa anita racetrack tell you about the latest from there when we come back and we'll also have more weather and traffic for wednesday morning while a lot of people are up early and at
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the approach to the bay bridge ama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>headlines, former empire tv star jussie faces 6 new charges in chicago a special prosecutor announced a grand jury indicted a second time for lying to police they say that he staged a racist anti-gay attack on himself last year and filed false police report prosecutors
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later dropped a disorderly conduct charges against him. yesterday's new charges come after a judge appointed a special prosecutor to take another look at the the horse suddenly dies at the santa anita racetrack in southern california. according to the website. it was a 6 year-old horse that died saturday while training the cause of death isn't known for about 40 horses now have died at that race track since december of 2018. the track as you know since then made a number of changes to increase safety. an investigation showed there was no indication of animal cruelty or criminal activity. >>california lawmakers are now looking into the state's nearly million census outreach plan. california spending 6 times more than any other state to make sure it gets its fair share of federal money and legislative districts state lawmakers say that they haven't seen enough of the outreach efforts. i just. >>we started out very early to do staff of working on this. i
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just don't know why we can't have a better sense of where we're at i i've been touched 6 times by the bernie sanders campaign and i been touch once by the census. >>states census officials say the money is being dispersed across counties to community organizations to help with this outreach along with media has as well census officials promised to follow up soon with specific plans and numbers we'll take a break it's 5 5526 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news a closer look at how the south bay is preparing now in case they get more cases of the corona virus right back. as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke!
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congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>weather and traffic for wednesday morning a hopefully if you're out the door early to beat the traffic hours that's a smart thing to do that or i get on out there it's nice and quiet. but a little busy, so we'll update the drive time okay. >>and i noticed was a touch cooler this morning it was yesterday, least felt like that to me is there a sense it is cooler out there so yes all right james and his looking outside of san francisco is crystal clear out there this morning, no fog. no cloud cover visibility is just fine all across the day you're going to see a lot of sunshine today now is james noted it is cooler out there today than what we did see yesterday 40's and 50's is where we're sitting this morning oakland
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in concord at 44, but there's a few few 30's in the mix too like in fairfield nevado petaluma big differences from yesterday half moon bay and fairfield down 25 degrees almost from the same time yesterday. now later on we are talking 60's so we're keeping the mild weather around. robin. >>your traffic conditions here on one oh one across the golden gate we started off with the routine maintenance work early this morning, it's gone out of your way and now you're looking good so no problems into or out of san francisco, it's going to be an easy 19 minutes novato to the toll plaza the bay bridge 80 west. yes, one of our busiest this back of that you're looking at it goes all the way out to west grand so it's about that time. yes we have a crowd. but everyone is behaving so a quick trip across upper deck and the richmond sandra fell filling into mainly in some of your cash lanes so minor crowding here, but a great trip for you to the north bay darya james thanks a lot of 5.31 a big story there are 13 cases of corona virus in the us 7 in california yes, santa clara
5:23 am
county has extended its emergency declaration through march 11th with kron four's rob fladeboe explaining. >>what exactly that means. >>i caught up with board of supervisors chair cindy chavez who told me the declaration of a local emergency essentially does 2 things to be very transparent with the public about what the emergency is and what we can do about it and then the second is to make sure that any monies that we spend on these initiatives so that we have we can spend if the emergency requires it and will be repaid by the state and federal government despite 2 confirmed cases of corona virus in the county there is no evidence the virus is spreading on monday county health officer doctor sara cody told supervisors the risk to the public remains low. the emergency declaration does not change that will help health care providers be better prepared if more virus is detected says chavez we're training people were making sure folks have the appropriate fears that they do
5:24 am
find someone who's sick that they can protect themselves, we're making sure that if we identify someone who's sick that we have a a safe. >>a way to handle them so that their other people infected in both cases of confirmed corona virus, the 2 infected people a man and woman both had recently traveled to wuhan china. >>where the virus originated the declaration also opens the door for the county to access mutual aid resources from other jurisdictions and will undergo review later this month says the board chair at the health and hospital committee will take another look at our response so that we make sure we're doing our optimal in terms of responding the san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news these pay doctors are closely monitoring the global spread of the virus to contra costa county health officer says the county is working closely with the cdc. >>to screen people who have recently traveled to and from china local schools and hospitals are prepared if the virus were ever to reach the county. the fbi says an
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off-duty agent shot a man in san francisco and the victim is still in the hospital this morning. the shooting happened saturday night in the haight-ashbury district is unclear live the off-duty agent opened fire on the 24 year-old man named tad a crane. his mother says that he was shot twice in his lungs and stomach, but he is expected to recover. she says she feels helpless because of the lack of information coming from the police about what happened. >>the same a lot. >>san francisco police say that crane was arrested the night of the shooting on a felony warrant for drug possession. the fbi is not releasing the name of that off-duty agent involved. >>the east bay, a man was
5:26 am
robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of his own home in oakland and security cameras captured it all take a look. this was a the diamond district neighborhood areas on the right hand side along the blue car. the white car drives by in the background as the 20 year-old victim was cleaning his car. less than a minute later look to men in that white car came up and robbed the victim at gunpoint the robber stole the victim's necklace bracelet a cell phone and his keys before leaving the scene they have been caught. so police are still looking for the victim says that crime has steadily been rising in his once quiet neighborhood. police are also investigating the crash in alameda that left an elderly woman injured when she was trying to cross the street it happened last night on and son all avenue between walnut and will street. police say the driver did stop and is cooperating with the investigation. the elderly woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries. >>police in hercules arrested a man and one in possession of a loaded assault rifle. they stopped a car driving on rough
5:27 am
usual valley road for not having a license plates on monday and look at they found the female driver told cops that she and the 56 year-old passenger were on probation. and the officers searched the car and found that loaded a r 15 with a high capacity magazine in 29 rounds of ammunition, the man and woman were booked into the martinez jail. at least 50 more people died in the 2018 camp fire. those victims were not counted. in the official death toll of 85. the wildfire wiped out the town of paradise in 2018. those additional deaths were linked to the fire but not attributed to it. the investigation also says statistics under estimated the death toll and failed to include people who died from complications from injuries, they got the fire attorney say that the online database used to record claims is not perfect. so the numbers may not 3 high school students are suing delta air lines after one of its planes dumped fuel over los angeles remember the story
5:28 am
we had it for about a month ago, a delta flight was bound for china but had problems with the tensions had to be forced to turn around and come back and land but before it could do that. >>it had to dump its fuel to reduce the weight of the plane well that fuel rain down on children below apparently sickened 6 of them are 6 different schools. the fda has already admitted that the plane wasn't high enough to allow the fuel to dissipate and evaporate before hitting the ground. last month's for la teachers also filed a lawsuit against delta. who died in a tesla crash had complained about the issue is on a pilot system in the past. the complaints were detailed in documents released by federal investigators. this was a 2018 crash in mount view that killed engineer walter hong. now the document says that he told his wife that the autopilot had previously veered his suv toward the same barrier on highway one oh one near mountain view where he later crashed. the khan family is suing tesla california department transportation for allegedly failing to maintain the highway. the full ntsb
5:29 am
report, full ntsb board is scheduled to hold a hearing on the crash on february 25th and we will be following it. 5.37 the kron 4 morning news, the bay area sports hall of fame has released its class for 2020 we'll show you who made the list. and next the bad news for disneyland fans will tell you how much more it's going to cost you to visit the happiest place on earth and temperatures cooler this morning than they were yesterday a few 30's on the map most of us in the 40's and 50's. >>your forecast for the afternoon. still ahead. >>and here's a live look at traffic leaving the oakland maze heading into san francisco on the right is the connector out of emeryville right down the middle as the 5.80 west connector out of oakland, they're both busy
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>>welcome back 5.41 on this wednesday morning yesterday was not quite a record breaker for most areas but hey we got up to some records at least hide them in livermore in san francisco, mid 70's for much of the bay and santa rosa. getting up to 80 degrees for the daytime high yesterday now you can expect today to be quite that warm but that's just fine we're going to be in the 60's, it'll be comfortable right now are in the 30's 40's and 50's to keep the jacket on hand as you step outside robin. >>thank you john the line is growing up the bay bridge toll plaza here on 80 heading into san francisco, it's already
5:33 am
crawling back from west grand so it's only going to get heavier, we don't have don't see someone walking. first of the matching things there someone walking in the traffic lanes right there and the yellow jacket at the bay bridge toll plaza that's ot right there on the left-hand side. so if i can circle it. that is so strange, i don't see a stalled vehicle, maybe it's for its crews. i don't e t on it for you and see where that person is gone the it's really dark and hard to see what they're walking. east in the westbound lanes facing traffic. yeah, we'll give him a call and see what's going on, but overall it's been a great trip across the upper deck into downtown san francisco here at 9 minutes after fremont street will check more coming up back to you. >>thanks a lot of 5.42 and for your money a trip to disney is going to cost you a lot more both disneyland and disney world are hiking their prices for disneyland the most expensive one day park hopper ticket. so if you're going you
5:34 am
want to park up 200 box, but actually little more. annual passes are also up between 4, 8%, depending on which annual park pass you by the higher ticket prices comes as disney california adventure prepares james, you know they're opening up the marvel's avengers campus course is right before >>and my son doesn't understand what that's an issue been for them us for the problem dad place on earth right we're going break, here's a quick live look outside as we go staff to go international airport looks like we've got clear skies a little chilly, but should be anything that slows down fli obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs.
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obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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fisn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then,
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tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>i-forty 5 right now checking out the weather on wednesday morning looks like it's going to be another nice one good weather out there you've got to be upbeat about this weather even though we be the right for sure, but yesterday was a very warm one lots of sunshine across the bay area we're keeping that around today looking outside of san francisco, not a cloud in the sky certainly no fog either as far as the rest of the day is concerned we are kind of keep that going no fog out there into the afternoon or into the evening tonight, high pressure you're still sitting there the same ridge of high pressure is keeping a so dry and so warm across the bay area winds
5:38 am
pretty calm. we are going to be looking at wind are increasing not even for the north bay which dudamel windy start yesterday so we're looking at a much calmer finish to the week than that when the star to it that we had been saying as far as temperatures go. yeah we're back to the 60's today, not as many 70's on the map, although i'm anticipating 70's for areas like vacaville and possibly a couple other spots in the north bay certainly close in santa rosa, san jose conquered in vallejo within one to 2 degrees of 70 degrees, san francisco, a little cooler right along the coast in the low 60's while hayward oakland fremont and livermore all mid 60's for your highs today tomorrow temperatures a little cooler than today's keeping the sunshine around though, as we will on friday for valentine's day. now we're best and really only chance of rain in the forecast to arrive saturday night into sunday. it's a weak cold front that is going to drop a lot of rain in the pacific northwest. but we're right at the tail end of it so all we've got is a slight
5:39 am
chance of a couple showers sunday morning in the north bay. profit. >>so watching some unusual activity at the bay bridge toll plaza i drew a circle i see a guy that's just been walking back and forth into traffic. he has on a yellow jacket he's been going up to several vehicles, i just got off the phone with bridge crew. so i don't know if this is related to something that's going on like a crash or stall but it's pretty dangerous to see someone walking back and forth into traffic, i know it's dark it's really hard to see right or circle around the guy he's just been going back and forth so i called them, i said hey is there something going on they win giving any information but they said chp is on the way so you have this activity out the bay bridge toll plaza and of course it's adding to the backup because he says crossing traffic and he's walking back and forth so i've been keeping my eyes on him in the back of growing already spilling back into the oakland maze saw let you know if it turns into anything but for now just be on the lookout for that person walking back and forth in the cash lanes over here in this area, he just keeps going back and forth up and down in the cash
5:40 am
lanes and that is very dangerous 10 minutes for now to make it off to fremont street all right we're checking in on the richmond center fell we're doing fine here so no unusual activity into the north bay will put it at 7 minutes were hot spot free and easy transition out to sandra fell. here's a look at traffic tracker shows one on one 2.80 coming from the peninsula to san francisco and both are fine, so we don't have any big trouble spots heading toward downtown. ing a south bay looks good as well with no issues leaving san jose james darya all right, thanks a lot of 5.48 and a teenager with special needs was attacked and robbed by other teens near his school and now that teens mother is speaking out against bullying we've got some surrey tonsil now with the story. >>desperate pleas from a teen with special needs to those who chose to attack in rob him near school. >>and recorded when she realized what had happened to him.
5:41 am
>>well >>the first day when he came home and i saw with him no shoes on my heart. start to break in because he started crying and then he didn't want to. they want to tell you he didn't want to tell me because was placed threaten them if you told that he was going. >>get >>a threat to seem very real to the 14 year-old who took these heads to the base inside after being accused of ran into someone by the puncture his bike in air force one's being stolen in the process. all of it happening near term walk to your high school east greater michael valdez take special education classes. the 3 of his attackers identified and was quote discipline being administered according to the unified school district michael has felt comfortable returning to campus since last tuesday's attacks. they didn't want to talk about it all when he got home from school today for neighbors who know him since he was a baby and just as shocking that that would happen. michael's doing pretty
5:42 am
good. the hard of of its kind a try to get him outside again because he doesn't want to go to the park and his want to go outside all for fear that he'll be hit again by someone wants to high-five the fact that he's been hurt. >>monica valdez says she's been promised a wednesday visit from turlock police about the attack. >>but officers did not return calls from fox 40 about the status of an investigation that they've confirmed in various social media posts and really hurt that this happened and. nobody helped >>and now i'm. i just like to parents should talk to their kids about bullying and about has anybody bully them or are they bully. and get this stopped. >>that was on syria council reporting the valdez family
5:43 am
has appeal box for anybody would like to send cards of support and you can find that address on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>the bay area sports hall of fame has announced its 2020 class of inductees pro baseball hall of famer and a's legend ricky henderson, can now call himself a bay area sports hall of famer. bruce bocce also joining him as he wrapped up his career last year after winning 3 world series with the giants. 12 time olympic champion swimmer and cal alum natalie. golf kaufman has also been selected as super bowl champ and 49 ers defensive tackle brian young is in as well and for the first time a 7 time world champion sailor paul cared also is in. >>to be recognized an outstanding achiever and that the sport of sailing is that competitive in is that >>it makes us all all of us sailors here from the bay area and around the world very very proud. mean there's some great names obviously bruce bocce
5:44 am
communities tired after you know these wonderful years with the giants and ricky henderson in the ricky is it me means is royalty and in sports and the area is one of them and his name has always been out there before but this is one year these able to be here and we're excited about that and says it's going to be wonderful class. >>well the class of 2020 will be enshrined into the bay area sports hall of fame on may 11th. >>all right as we head to break want to bring some breaking news that we're getting out of orange county right now are 2 story apartment complex. >>is on fire and you can see the fire fighting response flanking the building on all sides and there. well really on both the left and right side of the building as you see as you look at it on the screen you can see pockets of flames breaking through the roof line. this was at about 3 o'clock or so this morning that the call came out and right now lawrence county firefighters are there in a defensive posture trying to keep this contained, hoping it doesn't spread to any surrounding buildings, but it looks like a pretty large apartment complex again 2 stories. no word if anybody
5:45 am
has been hurt. in this or if anybody is trapped for and keep an eye on this story and let you know we'll be right back with more news in can my side be firm? and my side super soft? yes. with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event,
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save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time.
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>>we're back at 5.56 the winner of the westminster kennel club dog show has been crowned, they handed out last night too. this standard poodle best in show for 2020 goes to simmer. and here's a look at the 3 year-old putting together a championship performance before the judges
5:48 am
to be america's top dog. event took place at madison square garden in new york, it's a big deal of course the 5th time in fact a poodle has won best in show the first time since they make the owners run along in heels and a skirt like it's hard to keep up with fun to watch it. but be inch tennis shoes and it would be easier for you to show dog, i know. >>the 6 right now and still ahead west. county schools are considering layoffs to address a budget problem, have a live report and how that could affect the kids and a settlement has been reached for the family of a teenager who lost. >>his life after drowning during a p e class in the east bay and a 14 day quarantine is over 495 evacuees in riverside county from wuhan china in
5:49 am
growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>new at 6 this morning, the fear over corona virus grows and this morning new information reveals the virus may have been discovered 16 years ago. >>major budget cuts and teacher layoffs are looming in across the school district here in the east bay all have more details coming up and a live report from hercules. >>thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to get io this morning weather and
5:52 am
traffic always important at the top of the hour to get what you need to know before you head out and what do we need to know about the road robin there's someone walking around in the traffic lanes have a ridge top of this person may have stalled out, but you know that's never safe if you crash are you're not supposed to get out of your vehicle. this
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